Working at SCROOSER 

Join one of the most emerging emobility startups in Europe.

SCROOSER is revolutionising the way we move from one spot to another.
There will be an analogy to this having you on board.
Our team is contributing a lot to this revolution already at our HQ in Berlin.

About us

Fancy a career with us? As a Berlin based emobility startup SCROOSER is at the pulse of innovation in one of the recently emerging locations for emobility technology. Our team is working on building the most premium lifestyle product in this area. 

The electric scooter SCROOSER is built for customers who know the game and who appreciate the feeling of riding on the world’s most sexiest scooter. We are looking for new team members who want to start a career in the emobility sector and who want to make our tires go far with their unique personality.

And this is what the SCROOSER looks like

The Story


April 1

Moving to Berlin

In April 2017 SCROOSER finally makes its way to Berlin – the metropolitan of emobility in Europe.
January 11

Exactly: We get licensed for European streets. YEAH!

The SCROOSER is an official vehicle for public streets now. With its up to 15.5 mph and 25 km/h it is ready to conquer the cities.
October 12

Serial SCROOSER is on its way

Finally. We step into serial production. What’s next? Need get licensed maybe?
June 8

SCROOSER: The Pre-Series

We start building the press-series SCROOSER. Later this year we will have 20 units constructed.
July 11

Goal achieved: Kickstarter campaign is successful.

Our backers on Kickstarter make this possible. We are about to rock the world of emobility.
October 15

The first 3 prototypes

SCROOSER is in the making. This thing is getting real and we are preparing for the Kickstarter campaign.
August 1

Supplier search

Who would have been willing to provide the material to build an awesome product? Our search for suppliers begins.

What we stand for

Our Spirit

We rock the sky. As a unique emobility startup we are eager to grow and to get the smartest minds and personalities to join SCROOSER.

Our Goal

We want people to raise their awareness for the fact that a better world is possible. We still want the planet painted blue – and alive.

Our Customers

We are close to our customers and appreciate their feedback at any time. As a premium product SCROOSER is providing a premium customer service.